Length of Stay

Why we offer a 90-day program

Length of stay is dependent upon the needs of each individual woman seeking treatment. It is not uncommon for an individual seeking treatment to be hesitant to commit to a full 90-day program. 

According to addiction researchers, longer stays in treatment are positively related to better long-term recovery outcomes. This is especially true for women, as they typically enter treatment when their conditions are more severe. 

At The Fearless Kind, our treatment program has been designed for women to stay for 90-days. To receive the complete benefits of our program, we highly recommend staying for the full 90-days. 

There are many factors associated with why a woman should stay in treatment for 90-days. Some of those factors are: 

  • Medical Necessity
  • Trauma
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Commitment to Treatment
  • Chronic Relapse
  • Addiction Severity
  • Eating Disorder Severity
  • Readiness to Change
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COVID-19 Updates from The Fearless Kind

While social distancing is necessary to stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the risks of isolation associated with those living with an addiction or eating disorder. The Fearless Kind is still open and accepting new patients at this time! If you or a loved one is struggling, we are here to help. While treatment is a big commitment, it may be one of the safest places to be during these challenging times.

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