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Caitlin Martinez, MS, LMFT



Tam Macanas

Program Director

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Dr. Scott Jacobson, MD
Medical Director
Dr. Scott is a board certified physician. As a functional medicine practitioner, he works with our patients to identify the root cause of their conditions, make lifestyle changes through nutrition and traditional medicine treatments. His compassionate and attentive approach provides a safe place for patients to discuss their health concerns and learn new ways to heal their bodies.
Socorro Chavez
Meditation Coach
Socorro is a meditation coach and spiritual consultant. The intention of her services are to help women with their energy field awareness and spiritual awakening. She helps our patients bring awareness to their current state of being and increases their personal insight to master where they are. 
Charm C.
Recovery Advocate
Charm has a tremendous work ethic and leads with kindness and compassion -  teaching the women in our program how to be optimistic and diligent when facing challenges in their lives.
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Val Phillips
Intuitive Artist
Val Phillips is an Intuitive Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Deliberate Creator, and has been an ECE Teacher for over 30-years. She uses art and creativity, mixed in with intuition and intention to help connect others with their greatest ally... themselves. 
Leslie I.
Recovery Advocate
Amber H Photo 1 (2)
Amber Haehnel
Self-Love Coach

Amber is an author, mentor, and self-love advocate. Her 12-step based program on self-love teaches others how to love the truest version of themselves, let go of past demons, and live an incredible life. Each week she facilitates a group with our patients to help them navigate their own self-love journeys through empowerment and self-care practices.

Michelle _Art therapy
Michelle Costigan, MA, CPC, LCADC-S, ATR
Michelle is a licensed clinical professional counselor, licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, and registered art therapist. 
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Allura C., LADC-I
Recovery Advocate
Allura has experience working with vulnerable populations, such as those living with eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. She is passionate about helping others and is an asset to our team and community! 
Maria Aladjova, CPC-I, LCADC-I

Chef Jeff

Plant-Bass Bro

Check out The Fearless Kitchen Posts to learn more about Jeff and see the delicious meals he prepares for our patients. 

Community Partners

Healthy Steps to Freedom

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension developed the Healthy Steps to Freedom program in 2007 to help women in treatment for addiction, specifically for those with low energy, eating issues, and weight concerns. The curriculum promotes nutrition, and participants learn about essential nutrients, meal planning, food labels and portions, calcium intake, disordered eating and more.

COVID-19 Updates from The Fearless Kind

While social distancing is necessary to stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the risks of isolation associated with those living with an addiction or eating disorder. The Fearless Kind is still open and accepting new patients at this time! If you or a loved one is struggling, we are here to help. While treatment is a big commitment, it may be one of the safest places to be during these challenging times.

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