Increase your decision-making skills

Learn how to make great decisions and become more successful in all aspects of your life.

Below is a worksheet to help you increase your decision-making skills by helping you consider consequences, the rewards and the reason behind your choices.

Why improve your ability to make decisions?

Every day you make thousands of decisions, some are more important than others. Decisions range from when to go to the bathroom to what house you should buy. There is a huge range of how severe the consequences are for poor decision-making. Though, increasing your ability to make good decisions makes your life better from picking a good life partner to being financially responsible.

Behaviors include a collection of decisions that help you accomplish a particular goal. Your life is comprised of many different behaviors. When you change one it alters your entire life, helping you live a more positive and successful life.

This exercise concentrates on particular behaviors. You will dive deep into the reasons to change, the consequences of changing, and the benefits of altering this particular way of conducting yourself.

Decision Balance Scale Exercise

Identify 3 behaviors that you are either working on changing or are considering changing in your life. 

For each behavior complete a decision balance scale worksheet. Do not holdback when considering both the reasons not to change.- you may consider what has prevented you from changing in the past, and what barriers seem to present themself when you attempt to make changes. When considering the results of not changing and changing- reflect on the consequences to your physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, relationships, finances, spirituality, and growth as a person. If you need more room to write feel free to write on a separate sheet of paper.

Identify the reasons not to change?

What are the reasons to change?

What are the consequences of not changing? 

Are there benefits of changing?  List them:

Balance scale with question marks on each side.

Finally, feel free to return to this technique anytime to make sure you are making great choices in all aspects of your life.

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