Daniel Radcliffe’s Road to Recovery, Alcohol Abuse

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his work as Harry Potter, has recently begun speaking about his road to recovery. Primarily his alcohol abuse began during his time as the beloved Harry Potter character. It seemed no matter how far he came in his acting career he was unable to shake that persona.

The Chosen One?

To many he is the Chosen One, the defender of the Wizarding World. Although he is a great actor who’s talent gave life to the Harry Potter role, he is a fictional character. Daniel Radcliffe does not identify himself as an alcoholic but understood that he had developed an addictive personality towards alcohol.

Regardless of who you are and what type of life you lead, alcohol abuse can affect anyone. Luckily, Radcliffe understood and began to fear his dependent relationship with alcohol and took matters into his own hands. 

His Journey

His journey began at the age of eighteen. While still shooting the sixth film of the Harry Potter franchise, The Half-Blood Prince. As a heavy drinker, it became obvious to Radcliffe that there was a problem. Using alcohol as a form of escape to cope with the overwhelming fame that came from being the world-renowned character.

Throughout the early years of this negative relationship with alcohol almost every nightly outing ended with a blackout. Eventually staying home seemed the best and only option. His drinking steadily increased in his self-isolation and until the year 2010. Where he decided to change his relationship with alcohol altogether. He remained sober for two years until an unfortunate bar fight in New York City. Where management asked him to leave and bystanders reported seeing him heavily drinking before the incident occurred.


Since that relapse, Daniel Radcliffe has been three years sober. He takes control of his cravings by taking five-hour-long walks. Or otherwise, hitting the gym regularly. This routine seems to work well for him and keeps his mind occupied. Spending time with his friends and attending social gatherings is no longer an issue. Though he has said that usually when the drinking begins to increase, he heads home.

In his sobriety, he has found peace of mind and often therapeutically reads. Daniel Radcliffe is very hopeful about the future and encourages others to seek help if they have a similar experience. It is with the bravery of those in the spotlight like Radcliffe, that the stigma associated with addiction will decline. Each time someone discusses their experience with addiction and recovery we are reminded that there is hope! That all people can both struggle with addiction and recover!

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