Self-Medication Is Never The Answer! COVID-19 Is Not the New Normal!

During this time of social isolation and self-reflection, two mindsets were born. The first took this time to analyze themselves and really focused on self improvement. Focusing on changing their environment or who they are as individuals. Through engaging in constructive activities, spring cleaning, learning a new language, doing a little home improvement project. The list of productive activities seems endless. On the other hand, some individuals decided to take this time to relax. Taking part in less constructive habits, sleeping in late, and staying up all night.

There is no good or bad between these two forms of thinking. However, if you went to the extreme of the second category, I would suggest restraint. COVID-19 is a stressful time in and of itself without adding some form of  self-medication into the mix. Specifically relying on a particular substance be it alcohol, medication, or other substances to cope with the situation is a slippery slope. These behaviors can ultimately lead to dependence and abuse.

In the case of alcohol consumption, it would seem okay to indulge every now and again as we have nowhere to go at the moment. Unfortunately, consistent use can lead to a steep decline in self-control. Most individuals believe that because alcohol is a frequent party member drinking it will make them happy. 

The reality is that by drinking alcohol, especially when you are feeling isolated and fearful of the current situations in life you are developing a habit-based relationship. You will start to develop a habit of needing a drink whenever negative feelings start to form and thus leading to a dependence on the substance. 

Below are some helpful tips that I would recommend to avoid developing a dependence on alcohol during these isolating times.

3 Helpful Tips to Avoid Self-Medication and Developing Dependence

-Avoid buying, simply by not purchasing these items can aid in avoiding abuse.

-Take the time to be constructive, if you find yourself feeling down take the moment to fall into productive activities, reading, learning a new skill or language.

-Take this time to try out new exercise routines, eating healthy, and meal prepping. Staying active and motivated will take your mind off the negative.

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COVID-19 Updates from The Fearless Kind

While social distancing is necessary to stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the risks of isolation associated with those living with an addiction or eating disorder. The Fearless Kind is still open and accepting new patients at this time! If you or a loved one is struggling, we are here to help. While treatment is a big commitment, it may be one of the safest places to be during these challenging times.

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